Statement regarding the Summer 2018 Archaeological Dig

12 July 2018

Feedback regarding the Archaeological Dig

Thanks for your feedback regarding our forthcoming archaeological event.  As a community led trust, we always value, welcome and aim to take on board any comments received.

Some respondents have indicated that they felt the proposed cost of participation in the event was too high.  Whilst the cost of participation is directly linked to the cost to stage the event, the trust has taken this feedback on board and reduced the levels of donation that attract a reward as follows:

  1. £25 donation – The donor’s name will be added to the official report of the investigation.
  2. £40 donation – As the £25 donation above plus you will receive a commemorative t-shirt.
  3. £65 donation – As the £40 donation plus you can bring your metal detector to take part in the supervised event, which includes metal detecting and test-pitting led by archaeological experts.

Aims of our Community Charitable Trust 

We appreciate from the feedback received that some metal detectorists object to being asked to pay to participate.  We understand this and accept that what we are offering is in many ways different to accustomed practice.  However, we hope that this event (including its cultural and historical significance, together with the underlying aims of our community charitable trust) will encourage a small but dedicated band of enthusiasts to get involved. This is a call for help, and we hope that there are a few supporters out there who will answer that call. To join us on this journey to restore and protect this magnificent house and grounds for the benefit of the local community and the people of Scotland.

Finding Evidence of the lost Jacobite Camp

This is our first archaeological event. It will be a professionally supervised metal detecting and test-pitting survey of one area where experts believe we stand a good chance of finding evidence of the lost Jacobite camp.  This event is not a fundraiser.  All funds raised will be used to pay for the archaeological expertise, supervision and for the post-investigation analysis and reporting that will allow us to share the results with the public.  We have had to think creatively to make the event financially viable as we are solely reliant on donations to carry out this work.

Huge Archaeological Significance

We believe the dig itself has huge archaeological significance. However, there is another very important reason that it is being held.  As we develop plans for the house and grounds restoration, we need to fully understand the site and get a true picture of what historical evidence may be hidden there.  As the entire project is for the benefit of future generations, we will not be carrying out any development works until we are satisfied that no detriment will result.

The Overall Aim of the Trust

Bannockburn House is owned by a local charitable trust representing the community of Bannockburn and Hillpark. The overall aim of the trust is to repair and conserve the house, and develop the site for future generations as a sustainable community hub.  The hub will offer a wide range of opportunities for cultural, recreational and educational activities. The trust’s workforce is made up of a small number of volunteers, who freely donate their time and skills to help make the project a reality.  All income comes from donations, events and fundraising, and grants where possible.

Come Dig for FREE if you are local! 

If you are a local resident and would like to participate in this investigation, please email [email protected] or message our Facebook page as soon as possible, letting us know if you would like to take part on Saturday 4 or Sunday 5 August. Please also let us have a note of your postcode and an email that we can contact you on. We will be giving preference to those who live in the Bannockburn and Hillpark community. If we have more names than the limited places available. 

If you are not a local resident but would like to take part please click here to book. 

Contact Us 

If you have any questions please get in touch with us by clicking here