Community Buyout

The Journey Began

Since the journey to purchase the house began back in 2016, many fundraising activities, lots of hard work by these dedicated volunteers and others who joined the cause, applications for funds to buy the house and grounds then finally in November 2017 it happened.

Sale Announced

In 2016, Bannockburn House was put up for sale by the then owner Peter Drake. A group of local residents and volunteers formed a trust to try and purchase the house and grounds for the local community for fear of it being demolished or left to ruin. Thus, the Bannockburn House Trust was set up, a two-level SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) and is registered with OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator), Charity Number: SC047081. The main aim of the Trust (and still is the main aim) was to safeguard the property, grounds, architecture and history for future generations.

Community buyout

The Bannockburn House Trust completed the biggest community buyout in the UK, with the majority of assistance from the Scottish Land Fund (Scottish Government agency) who granted the trust with enough funds to purchase the house and grounds. This was only able to happen because of the dedicated group of local volunteers who made it their life’s work to save this historically significant and beautiful building (and grounds). There is also a lot of thanks due to the local councillors, Stirling Council and other funders who stepped in to support the project

This purchase meant that Bannockburn House was now legally owned by the community of Bannockburn.

Loyal Volunteers

This loyal group of volunteers have pushed this project to where it is today, and many of them are still volunteering and working with the project in various roles and we are eternally grateful to them and the support of our funders, advisors, advocates and the community

There is still a tremendous amount of work to be done on the project but with our amazing volunteers and supporters we will get there.