Bannockburn House’s Education Programme is where we bring learning to life amidst our historic community project and it’s surroundings. We offer a diverse range of educational opportunities that provide experiences for visitors of all ages.

We offer activities designed to inspire curiosity and kindle a passion for the house and surrounding history, nature, and culture.

From Historical tours to hands-on workshops, we create a tailored experience to meet the needs of the age of learners, schools, and community groups.

Bonfire burning the leaves

Guided tours: Explore the house with our friendly and knowledgeable guides, who will take you on a journey through the ages.

Workshops and Activities: Hands-on learning experiences with various arts and crafts workshops and activities.

Educational visit: Providing tailored in-classroom learning as well as in-house experiences aligning with curriculum objectives. That enhances the understanding of the house, its history and the culture that surrounds it.

Promoting lifelong learning for all

Our education program is also available to local organisations and groups, helping to promote a sense of community and promoting lifelong learning.

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