At the moment the grounds are under considerable development and we hope to be able to offer tours around our beautiful gardens at our open days.

The different walks in the surroundings of the house are described below.  We used the ‘Woodland Walk’ for the Illumination Event held on Leap Year Day, February 2020.

Keep an eye on our What’s on section of the website for news of upcoming events.

Woodland Walk

This short walk starts at the beautiful “Five Sisters” and takes you through the woodland. You will see an amazing variety of trees that have been imported from North America in the 1880’s. The walk will bring you to the front of Bannockburn House. This pathway was funded through Paths for All

Clementina Pond Walk

This pond was installed during the Victorian period. In its heyday it was described as a ‘sparkling goldfish pond’. It is very overgrown and shadowy at the moment, but we hope to change that and restore the fish. This enchanted area is a glorious walk into the past, making you think of all the different people who may have stood there to admire the goldfish and have long, important or romantic conversations. It is certainly rich in history.

may flowers

The Fountain Walk

This walk can be accessed from the west side of the house and takes you through the woodland along to the beautiful remains of an old fountain which is unique to the surroundings.