Our Volunteers

The volunteers are the life blood of our project and you would not be able to view, visit, engage, learn or explore this amazing local treasure if it wasn’t for them. It was a small group of dedicated volunteers that started this project in the very beginning and we are eternally grateful for their hard work and grateful to all the volunteers who have given their time, expertise, love, care and loyalty to our project over the last few years and right up until today.


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All of our events are pulled together by our volunteers, all the decorations in the house put up by the volunteers and the amazing fully guided tours are given by our volunteers. We have amazing people with amazing abilities, and we are forever grateful to them and the work that they do at Bannockburn House.

guided tours

We are always looking for more volunteers to come on board this amazing project, so if you are interested then email [email protected]. We have a variety of different roles that you can volunteer in, find out more about that here.

Every Wednesday between 10am and 2pm the wonderful Bannockburn House is open for people to pop in for a chat and a cuppa with the volunteers that are already involved. You don’t have to sign up, you can just pop along for a chat.