Invitation to Tender- City Deal Green Book Business Case

5 August 2022
Bannockburn House Trust
Invitation to Tender
City Deal Green Book Business Case

Bannockburn House Trust (BHT) is a Scottish Charity which owns an historic 30-acre estate
to the south of Stirling.

It is preparing a bid for City Deal finance and requires a consultant
with experience of £multi-million capital project business case development, preferably UK
Treasury Green Book standard, to complete the Outline and Final Business Cases.

BHT has prepared an invitation to tender and pro forma response template, both of which
are available from
[email protected] . Responses to the ITT are to be
submitted by midday
on Monday 22nd August to Jim at the same e-mail address.


BHT City Deal Background

BHT City Deal Green Book Cases ITT Response

BHT City Deal ITT Advert