20 August 2021

​A team of budding young archaeologists set about cleaning their latest finds at Bannockburn House on Saturday (14 August), under the watchful eye of local expert Colin Davenport.

The hoard, discovered in a Victorian midden (or dump) in the grounds of the seventeenth century mansion earlier this summer, included a large amount of pottery and bottles as well as some more unique items.

Colin said: “The star find was a Victorian tooth paste jar, which is in perfect condition. But the toothbrushes in the photos are for cleaning the items, not for brushing teeth!”

The discarded items give clues to the history of the House, as Colin explained: “We found several blacking bottles in the midden. These were used to clean iron-work, such as fireplaces and cookers. Someone must have liked the guest rooms to look smart.”

He added: “We also found an ink well, which would have sat in a recess in a table and may have been used by staff working in the House.”