Work Experience at Bannockburn House

17 June 2022
An exclusive look at the breath-taking Bannockburn House.

Nestled outside Stirling in beautiful woodland and exquisite gardens stands a magnificent 17th Century mansion with a rich, colourful history. Now owned by the local community this enchanting building holds many secrets and perhaps even a few friendly ghosts. Stunning architecture, cultivated gardens and a host of amazing people all working towards the restoration of this little piece of history and I got to be a part of it this week.


Being Part of it

As a keen history student considering a career in the field I was overjoyed to be completing a week’s work experience at Bannockburn House. From the moment of arrival I was astounded by the sheer magnitude of the building and all the amazing work taking place. During my week I have shadowed tour groups and also helped set up the Froglife Mapestry.


Varied tasks were a real insight into the volume of work

I helped in the gardens planting lettuces and general maintenance / clear up from construction, made outdoor games (dominoes, knots and crosses) and helped set up cameras for a video about the house itself. I have walked in the footsteps of history and imagined the hustle and bustle which once filled this house – the gentry, the maids, the grand parties and the important guests who visited.


Working in the team

During my week I have witnessed when a community pulls together they create magic. The passion of the volunteers and staff and the vision held is inspiring – Ross, Anne, Margaret, Carol, Ian, Sheila, Lindsay, Martin, Matt to name a few….. have all given up their time to show me the inner workings of the house and how they will continue funding the restoration through community input and event fundraising.


Exciting new discovery

The most memorable moment of the week has got to be the discovery of a new staircase.  Encased behind a cupboard; the revelation was greeted with great excitement and will remain with me. In that moment of discovery the volunteers enriched the history of the house and demonstrated there was still so much more story to tell.  None of this would be possible without a large squad of volunteers each bringing expertise and skills.



I would very much like to thank everyone at Bannockburn House for a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

Molly Burnett