23 July 2021

Following the recent meeting of our board we’re delighted to share the approved strategy for Bannockburn House Trust: 


Our Purpose / Aim


Bannockburn House Trust (BHT) is a community owned organisation.   BHT operates and manages the restoration and conservation of a nationally important historical building and estate for the benefit of the local community of Bannockburn.  The 30-acre estate is owned by the Trust on behalf of the Bannockburn community.  It is managed by a Board led by local people, supported by a Senior Project Director, appropriate professionals and competent enthusiastic volunteers.  

The restored house and gardens will be an important visitor attraction sustained through a variety of commercial activities.  Our aim is that Bannockburn House is recognised as a demonstration of the benefits that a community led project can achieve in terms of:

  • education, training and employment
  • community exchanges reciprocity, co-operation, health and wellbeing
  • the promotion and understanding of our local history and heritage


Values / Key Principles


Our values and principles guide our decision making at all levels in the organisation.

  • BHT functions through local leadership, engagement and volunteer participation
  • BHT is the custodian, restorer and promoter of a nationally important historical asset
  • Our social and environmental objectives will be balanced by commercial trading that is supported by grant funding and sponsorship
  • We aim to adopt environmental sustainability practices in our activities


Medium term ambition


By 2026 we will seek to:

  • make significant progress in the restoration of the house and gardens
  • develop, using local trades/trainees where feasible
    • car parking
    • visitor facilities and a café within the chauffer’s cottage and stables
  • be in the top 5 most visited heritage attractions in the Stirling City area
  • maximise the use of facilities by the community for social / recreational / leisure purposes
  • provide a wide variety of professional and volunteer led events
  • maximise the income potential in all activities to operate and maintain the estate  


Key Activities


In the next two years our priorities will be to:

  • ensure the main house is structurally safe, wind and watertight and presentable
  • maintain and develop an appropriate volunteer base and workforce
  • provide car parking and develop the chauffer’s cottage and stables
  • continue to develop and enhance the gardens, parklands and woodland
  • maintain & increase volunteer contributions
  • organise events to generate income and community engagement
  • seek and maximise fundraising from available sources to support capital development and operational expenditure


Human Resources and Network


People remain BHT’s most important asset and resource.  We will seek to:

  • inspire and motivate volunteer input through sound informative communication and empathetic management
  • promote and obtain support from key stakeholders such as Stirling Council, Historic and Environment Scotland and the Scottish Government
  • maintain an appropriate workforce (employed and volunteer) to optimise quality of service and production
  • play an active part in ‘Covid Recovery’ plans for health and social support, training and employment
  • ensure the Board and Executive Management provide sound leadership and act as promoting champions
  • invest and practice succession planning
  • maintain an up to date website and regular communication on social media platforms




  • Fundingsecure sufficient funds for capital development that can deliver the business plan Explore options for affordable loan funding potential where appropriate
  • Financial Management – maintain robust financial and budgeting processes that ensure prudent, competent and secure stewardship of financial resources
  • Financial Records – Maintain transparent financial records and accounts and monitor outturn against budget. Provide regular financial reports to the Board
  • Business Planning – maintain a robust rolling 3 year business plan that sets out priorities and is updated as necessary to take account of forecast income
  • Visitor Charging – agree a visitor charging strategy for designated areas of access


Project Outline Activity and Targets


  • Secure funding for priority work on the main house and chauffeurs’ cottage.
  • Secure funds to develop the proposed chauffeurs’ cottage café and event space, car parking and volunteer hub. In the meantime operate a temporary café within the main house
  • Secure and deliver the City Region Deal by 2024
  • Deliver and complete external main building repairs by 2023
  • Establish ‘Bannock Bothies’ self-catering accommodation by 2023
  • Operate an employability project of some 2-30 trainees pa by 2024
  • Maintain volunteer numbers at 200 with an active base of 100 active volunteers every year