Bannockburn House begins beekeeping journey

8 May 2021

Bannockburn House volunteers were buzzing with anticipation last weekend, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first honey-bees.

Head Gardener Kate White said: “The two bee colonies will help pollinate our newly planted orchard and hopefully they’ll produce some honey too to help us raise funds for House’s community projects.”

Four volunteer beekeepers have been trained by Dunblane and Stirling Beekeepers’ Association to look after the new hives:  Ross Caldwell, Gaynor Crocombe, Nigel Whitelaw and Sandra Morrison.

On Sunday they donned their new Bannockburn House beekeeping suits for the first time after 12 weeks of intensive training. The team will continue to be mentored by experienced local beekeepers, Ilona Shilliday and  Jonathan Lavin. 

Ross Caldwell, Events Manager said: “Dunblane and Stirling Beekeepers’ Association has done a wonderful job preparing us for our beekeeping journey. A special thanks also goes to our volunteer manager Amanda who has been busy behind the scenes putting all the necessary arrangements in place.”

“Beekeeping was identified by the community as something that they would like to see on site and the arrival of the first colonies is a great leap forward in our vision of Bannockburn House as a working estate. New bees

“We plan to eventually sell our honey at events when they return, as well as through our online shop. 

“Roll on 2022 when our hives will be in full production!”