23 November 2020

Ten local artists will take over Bannockburn House to stage the historic mansion’s first ever major art installation since being bought by the community back in 2016.

Originally planned for Easter, the event by the Gossip Collective will now take place this weekend thanks in part to funding from Stirling’s Place Partnership, Scene Stirling.

A special digital premiere of ‘Transparency’, featuring a walk-through of the exhibition and interviews with the participating artists, will be aired on Saturday 28 November on Facebook.

The installation will include a range of contemporary artworks, from textile sculptures and printmaking to poetry and paintings, inspired by the 17th century mansion house.




Visual artist Lesley McDermott, who is organising and exhibiting at the event, said: “On my first visit to Bannockburn House I was struck by its amazing resilience. Despite the ravages of time, it has stood, elegant, proud and beautiful. I was moved by the sense of time, wistful memories that lingered, feelings of wonder, intrigue and respect for the lives of the people that dwelled in this building. As I walked, delighted, through each of the rooms, the surrounding interiors and ephemera held me spellbound. I invited other members of the collective to discover the house too; with each of us going on to choose part of the house as the inspiration and setting for our work.”

Lesley’s work will be displayed in the upstairs dressing room and servants’ quarters. She said: “My installations focus on creating 3D mixed media compositions. They each incorporate a variety of elements, using hanging, hand printed fabrics, positioned in relation to small sculptural pieces that explore aspects of the architectural motifs, historical references and imagined inhabitants of Bannockburn House.”

Artwork by Audrey McMenemyFellow exhibiting artist Audrey McMenemy added: “I live within three miles of the house and didn’t know if it’s existence, until Lesley McDermott told me all about it. I quickly fell in love with the house’s grandeur, history and beautiful air of aged calm. This is reflected in the colours and textures I have used. I hope people see the spirits of those who have passed through in the floating pieces.”




Bannockburn House Trust hopes the exhibition will help highlight their restoration project to a new audience.

Events Manager for Bannockburn House, Ross Caldwell said: “With our doors still closed due to Covid-19, we’re very excited to invite visitors through the keyhole on this virtual art tour. We can’t wait to see how each artist has incorporated the house into their artwork and hope that it inspires other local creatives to get involved in our journey to return the house to its former glory.”

To view the exhibition tune into The Gossip Collective’s Facebook page on Saturday 28 November at 4pm and 7pm.

*Images of artwork by Hugh McCusker*