Traditional Scottish Blue Bonnet


Traditional Scottish Blue Bonnet

These traditional blue bonnets are handcrafted in Stirling by the volunteers of Bannockburn House.  They are made of pure wool and can be hand-washed.  They have already been washed at 40-50 degrees Celsius as part of the felting process.  With each washing, there may be some shrinkage but that provides extra weatherproofing.  We currently can provide two colours, the traditional light blue and a darker shade. 

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Here are some of our customers with their Blue Bonnets proudly on display

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The traditional blue bonnet was the customary headwear for Scotsmen for hundreds of years and was the item of clothing most closely associated with Scotland before tartan became so popular.
We have the option to supply one of our Handmade cockades with each bonnet (Our range starts from £3 for add-ons). 
If you would like to order a Cockade on its own check them out here

Bannockburn House is a Jacobite house and the white cockade is a symbol of support for Bonnie Prince Charlie who was garrisoned at the house. During his time there he met Clementina Walkinshaw who became his mistress and later bore him a daughter, Charlotte Duchess of Albany.

A quick video of how we make these can be found over on our youtube channel Blue Bonnet demonstration video

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Small – 46cms/18”           £50.00

Medium – 51cms/20”     £55.00

Large – 54cms/22”           £60.00

*these are approximate sizes.  There is also quite a lot of stretch in a bonnet.

Colours: Light blue and Dark blue

Detachable Cockade   – No Cockade + £0.00
                                        – Culloden + £3.00
                                        – Pride of Bannockburn + £3.00
                                        – BlackWatch + £3.00
                                        – Royal Stewart + £3.00
                                       – Bonnie Prince Charlie + £6.00
As these are handmade there is currently a two-week wait for a bonnet.