AGM 2022- Previous Year’s Minutes and Accounts

10 May 2022



22.6.21 BY ZOOM

Trustees present: Penny Ellis (Chair), Anne Smith, Allie May, Alan Marshall, Steven Tolson, Gaynor Crocombe, Sylvia Barclay, Gerry Traynor, Tommy Cattigan, Linda Masterson, Willie McEwan.

Members present: Robert Aitken, Catriona Conroy, Alan Buchan, Helen McGregor, Ieuan Rees, Ross Caldwell, Robert Dennis, Mairi Gilchrist, Jim Palmer, Anne Monaghan, Amanda Deary, Margaret Pollock, Sheila Taylor, Jim Bennett.

  1. Penny opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending. She pointed out that this AGM and Report cover the year April 2019 – end March 2020.
  2. Chair’s Report. Main points:
  • 2019 had been a busy and exciting year with various events taking place and Climate Challenge Funding enabling garden staff to be taken on
  • Funding was obtained from William F. Grant for the toilet block
  • Penny went through and thanked the list of funders
  • Staff were thanked for their hard work
  • £20000 had been raised from events and volunteers were thanked for their work in making these successful
  • There are around 200 volunteers and their hours amount to circa £225000 in monetary terms
  • Work has continued throughout with Board meetings being conducted monthly on Zoom
  • Work on the Chauffeur’s Cottage is likely to begin in early 2022
  • Funding has been obtained for a feasibility study into glamping on the grounds
  • The Bannockburn Blether has taken place regularly on Zoom
  • The need for more Bannockburn members was acknowledged

Penny again thanked everyone in attendance.

  1. Resolution. That postcode FK78PX be added to the list of eligible postcodes in Annexe 1 of the Bannockburn House Trust Constitution This was carried with no objections.
  2. Accounts. Members had received copies of the accounts before the meeting. They were reminded that these pertain to 2019 – 2020. Staff were thanked for their assistance in financial matters.
  3. Auditors. John M. Taylor was retained.
  4. Election of Trustees. Penny thanked those trustees standing down – Willie McEwan, Linda Masterson and Tommy Cattigan for all they have done for Bannockburn House Trust. Candidates Catriona Conroy, Alan Buchan and Robert Aitken were elected unopposed. Co-opted Trustees Penny Ellis, Anne Smith and Steven Tolson remain co-opted for another year.
  5. Open Session. There were no questions.
  6. Penny closed the meeting, thanking everyone for their attendance.


To read the accounts, click here:

Bannockburn House Trust 31.03.21 FINAL