Traditional Scottish Blue Bonnet


These traditional blue bonnets are handcrafted in Stirling by the volunteers of Bannockburn House.  They are made of pure wool and can be hand-washed.  With each washing there may be some shrinkage but that provides extra weather proofing. We do two colours, the traditional light blue and a darker shade. 

As these bonnets were the customary headwear for Scotsmen for hundreds of years, they are popular with re-enactment groups, TV companies.

We supply a detachable white cockade with each bonnet. Bannockburn House is a Jacobite house and the white cockade is a symbol of support for Bonnie Prince Charlie who was garrisoned at the house.  During his time there he met Clementina Walkinshaw who became his mistress and bore him a daughter, Charlotte Duchess of Albany.

small – 46cms/18”
medium – 51cms/20”
large – 54cms/22”
*these are approximate sizes

*Bonnets can be made to order in different colours but at an additional cost, please email us at [email protected] for more details.