Jacobite flags of the ‘45 – Chisolms of Strathglass


The clan lands of the Chisolms lay in and around the area of Strathglass, including Glen Affric and Cannich.

The Chisolms were around 100 strong when they joined the jacobite army and fought at Culloden where they lost half of their regiment and where their commander Roderick Chisolm was killed along with his standard bearer, William Chisolm.

In the aftermath of Culloden, members of the Chisolm clan helped the prince escape through their homeland hiding him in caves and the woods for four nights in July 1746.

This jacobite banner was also burned at the Merkat Cross in Edinburgh by the public hangman, John Dalglish, on Wednesday 4th June 1746.

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Dimensions: 1.45m x 0.84m (double-sided).  Price is inclusive of postage