The Gallery

Exploring Bannockburn House

Since 2016, our project has documented the beauty of Bannockburn House through photographs. Volunteers, photographers, board members, and visitors have all contributed to this visual record.

The House

With its historic stone walls and timeless charm, it has been captured from various angles. Each photograph tells a story—a glimpse into the past. The play of light on its weathered surfaces reveals the passage of time.


Gardens in Focus

The gardens surrounding Bannockburn House change with the seasons. Spring brings blossoms, summer blankets the landscape in green, autumn paints it gold, and winter adds a serene hush.


The Volunteers

Some of these images feature volunteers whose dedication and camaraderie shine through.

Pop over to the wedding gallery to view the visual journey through cherished moments, laughter, and promises exchanged.

Your Contribution

We invite you to share your photographs of Bannockburn House with us. If you have captured the beauty of the house or the splendour of the gardens, please email your images to [email protected]. Your creative captures are a valuable addition to our collective story. For further inquiries or to submit your photographs through an alternative method, please get in touch with us via the form below.

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Copyright and Permissions Notice for Submitted Photographs and Videos

Please note that by submitting your photographs to [email protected], you grant Bannockburn House the non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, and display the photographs on our website and in our promotional materials. You assert that you own the rights to the photographs or have obtained the necessary permissions from the rightful owner(s) to grant us these rights. We respect the intellectual property of all creators and will credit the photographer for any image used.