The Community’s Ambition

During the initial open weekend in 2016, we asked visitors to fill out questionnaires with the community’s ambitions and ideas of what they would like to see happen at Bannockburn House, should the community be successful in acquiring the property and surrounding land. The visitors filled out nearly 200 questionnaires and dozens of comments/suggestions were added to a visitors book. We took all suggestions on board and it helped shape our business plan.

Now that the community buyout has been successful, there are 26 acres and two stunning properties to create endless opportunities for many activities. 

Here are some of the suggestions which were included in the business plan:

  • Training centre for local apprentices
  • Community garden
  • Children’s activity centre
  • Health and wellbeing lunch club/meeting place
  • Community woodland walk
  • Monthly community festivals
  • Wedding venue
  • Film set
  • Bunk house/bothy accommodation
  • Livery
  • Concert venue
  • Ghosty/haunted  venue
  • Tartan visitor centre to reflect the Wilson connection
  • Small business space
  • Conference space for high security events
  • Clamping
  • Log cabin accommodation
  • Overnight parking for mobile homes
  • Whisky tasting events
  • Reenactments
  • Multi sports centre





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